Located on the corner of Cessna Dr. and Taxiway Echo.

High quality contruction

Very competitive pricing on these perfectly sized box hangars.

All steel construction


These steel-frame hangars are custom made and assembled on site using top quality materials to protect your favorite asset.

Full length Auto Bi-fold doors


These doors implement a simple and rugged design thats span the full front of the hangar.  This 43' door accommodates nearly all general aviation singles and many twins.


All of our hangars are custom made all-steel structures with field-tested automatic bi-fold doors. 



Each hangar measures 43' x 40'. Large enough for one or two GA aircraft plus accessories. Possibly room for three or more small experimentals.

Superb Value


What We Offer

Conveniently Located

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  • Meadow Lake Airport
  • All metal construction
  • Concrete floors 
  • Fully Insulated 
  • All walls paneled
  • Automatic Bi-fold door 
  • Individually metered electricity
  • Metal panel lining throughout